Friends cut Part 2

Friends Cut 2

Don't get any hard feelings...

a_single_touch: You are still pissed at me I'm pretty sure. If you're not pissed at me then you probably don't care for me too much...So I'm doing you a favor. I don't even think I'm on your friends list anymore anyway. So Bye.

ikissgirls52904: Amanda I love you and all but you don't update. I don't even think you use Livejournal anymore for that matter. So you won't know whether I've cut you or not. :p

slitwrist_less: I cut you already...I don't know how the fuck you got back on my list. Maybe I added you back by mistake.

xad_astrax7: I don't know if you read mine or not but I'm sorry.

twilightknives: You have another journal that you update. If you are still going to use this one then tell me because I will add it back. As of right now though its off the list.

findawish: You really don't update so I don't see a point in keeping you on the list.

tragicxcarebear: You don't update anymore either. Oh well.

____cer3alwars: I'm not on your friends list anymore so it really doesn't matter now does it?

Okay so thats all for now you guys. Sorry

♥ you all.
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Friends cut Bitches



xwatchmefallx You never update this journal because you have another so I guess its fine that I remove this one.

timmytine  Cuz you never use this journal.  You only made it to read my story.  I guess its fine that I get rid of it.

xxbr0ken_dreams You have another journal.  Enough said.

zerakule You dont update.  I still love you though.

x0xtw1nk13x0x &  smilecutkill You are the same person and you dont update so....Bye bye

thesexpert Jake you dont update either.  Damn you people.

slitwrist_less Ya dont update.  I dont care.  Bye.

feelsallthepain Jason...I think...see I dont even remember which one of my friends you are.  You know..I dont think you ever updated.

ashleylive15 Ashley you dont update.  You just wait till I get up there...You will have a lot to update about ^.^

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